How to Uninstall Mcafee From Windows 10?

McAfee is a computer security program that protects devices from ransomware, malware, and numerous viruses. This software usually comes preinstalled on Windows 10 devices. You can use this software to analyze the performance and security of your device. People who have bought a new Windows 10 Pc recently can use the trial version of McAfee Total Protection free for one month. But after one month McAfee asks you to renew the subscriptions. To do that, you need to buy the McAfee subscriptions. But what if you are not satisfied with the McAfee Total Protection? In that case you might be puzzled with this software on your device as it keeps sending the notification to renew the subscriptions and these notifications are too annoying. To get rid of this frustrating situation, you must approach the way to Uninstall McAfee Windows 10.

People who are looking for how to uninstall McAfee can do so easily by using an appropriate method. Today we are going to talk about the way to uninstall McAfee LiveSafe Windows 10 on this page. So, if you are also interested to remove McAfee from Windows 10 without any issue or delay then you need to approach the process that we have discussed below.

What is the McAfee removal tool?

McAfee removal tool is a utility tool that helps you to remove McAfee security products completely and then you can reinstall or install a different antivirus on your Pc. Use this tool to uninstall McAfee Windows 10 easily and quickly. This tool removes junk files and other corrupted files from your device after uninstalling the McAfee.

How to uninstall McAfee on Windows 10?

If you are a Windows 10 user and looking to remove McAfee from it then you need to approach the steps that are given below:

  1. Turn on your Windows 10 device
  2. Now, click on the ‘Start’ icon
  3. Find and click ‘Settings’ to see more options
  4. Now, get and click ‘Apps’ from the given list of settings
  5. Look for the ‘McAfee’ software from the app list
  6. Click on the ‘McAfee’ app and choose the ‘Uninstall’ option
  7. Then, confirm the uninstallation process
  8. Wait for a short time and restart your device after completing the uninstallation process
  9. Now, visit the file manager and delete the junk files from your device
  10. Finally, you are done with the McAfee uninstallation process

Uninstall McAfee LiveSafe Windows 10 

  1. Find and click on the ‘Search bar’ of your computer
  2. Now, type ‘Settings’ and press ‘Enter’ to get results
  3. Choose ‘Open’ to see more settings on your device
  4. Find and click ‘Apps’ from the given list of settings
  5. Now, find and click on the ‘McAfee LiveSafe’ software
  6. Confirm the McAfee removal process
  7. Remove the junk and other corrupted file that belong to McAfee
  8. Wait for a few seconds and then restart your device
  9. Finally, you completed the steps for uninstalling McAfee LiveSafe from Windows 10

McAfee won’t uninstall Windows 10

If you are facing issues to uninstall the McAfee from Windows 10 then you need to follow the tips that are given below:

  • Restart your device and then try to uninstall it
  • Confirm that your device has enough power to run the commands
  • Visit the ‘App’ settings to complete the uninstallation process
  • Use McAfee removal tool on your device and try to uninstall the McAfee completely

After applying the tips that are given above, you will be able to uninstall McAfee Windows 10 easily. If you are still experiencing the issues to uninstall the software from your device then you need to contact McAfee support to get it fixed.


To sum up, the software that comes preinstalled on your Windows 10 computer can be easily removed from the device by approaching the right way. If you are not sure about the process uninstall McAfee Windows 10 device then you can refer to the steps that we have mentioned above on this page. Make sure to remove the junk files after the uninstallation of the McAfee software from your device. To do so, you can use the McAfee removal tool. We hope that you have learned a lot about the uninstall McAfee Windows 10 process with the help of this post.

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