Ubisoft to maintain its gaming standards and content out of Political touch

Ubisoft officially revealed the latest release ‘Ghost Recon Breakpoint’. The game is a sequel to 2017’s Wildlands game. It is another realistic military shooter game and a chance for Ubisoft to say that its games are out of politics.

It has become something related to the trend for the French publisher, this has made the big-budget action games that feature settings and story plotting plucked from the headlines, yet refuse to portray much of the substance in game. According to the developers, instead of making political statements, the company makes games where the goal is to make people think. Many of the developers opt of McAfee Gaming security via mcafee.com/activate .

There are some examples of the company’s insistence to stay away from politics, how ridiculous this can be when you look at the actual game.

1.      Ghost Recon Breakpoint

About the game: In the game, players will explore an island compound in the South Pacific region owned by a rich tech CEO, who has made his fortune through self-controlled drones. Initially, he is interested in a remote testing site for his self-controlled drones, the Silicon Valley Company turned Aurora into the world it belongs- World 2.0, a high-tech, high-security utopia of the eco-cities and robotics research.

What Ubisoft explains about the game: The game is created without making any political statements in the games. The game is a real play and you will get what you get out of your playthrough- everybody will get something different out of his or her level of experiences. The story play might make you see different situations. However, the game will not guide anybody to make any sort of statements.

2.      The Division 2

About the game: The game is set in Washington, DC following a destructive widespread caused by a terrorist attack, the game tasks players, role play as agents of the Strategic Homeland Division- with fighting corporate militias to gain back control of the army’s national capital.

What Ubisoft explains about the game: According to the developers of the game, the team is not making any political statement about the game.  The aim of the game is not to make a political statement. The aim is to reflect on any of the things that are happening in the current world, no relation to the political scenarios of the nation. The developers cannot be openly political in the games as doing so is bad for the business.

3.      Far Cry 5

About the game:  The game is consisting primarily of the heavily armed force of white men who take over a small Montana country to live beyond the government control.  It is the first promotional art for the game was an American take on the popular game ‘The Last Supper’, with an alternative version of the US flag as a Tablecloth.

What Ubisoft explains about the game: The developer of the game explains how the game and its imagery were intact by the turmoil in modern politics of America. If the game developers will indulge in politics, it will affect the gaming zone. Therefore, you should better not to get into it.

4.      Ghost Recon Wildlands

About the game:  After becoming overrun by a Mexican drug cartel, Bolivia turns into the largest cocaine producer and a war zone. You as players aka special agents of the US government, have to kill their way through cartel to stabilize the region.

What Ubisoft explains about the game: the Bolivian govt. voiced displeasure over its depiction in the game, however, the developers explains that the in-game world comes close to represent the nation’s beautiful topography.


Games should not come with the gaming content relating to Politics as they can get a negative remark even before launching in the market.

Ubisoft maintains its uniqueness and never puts any political content even if its gaming content shows the army and forces in the battleground. (mcafee.com/activate)

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