Tumblr to Work Under the Automatic Inc.’s Flagship

The owner of the globally known micro-blogging website- Tumblr, Verizon has agreed to bid for the website to the well-established blogging website WordPress. The best-in sources, Street Journal Reports have recently disclosed the big story by elaborating it.

According to the sources, the amount for the bid is still kept under the cover. However, according to the other reporting sources like Axiox, the bid is well-settled under $10 million, which is when compared is seen not to be even the one-third of the price that Yahoo paid to acquire Tumblr when the bid happened 6 years ago.

Verizon’s Perspective of the Deal

Although it is seen that the bid went for a loss when compared to the bid offered by Yahoo, the CEO of Tumblr is praising the deal with Automattic Inc. in a statement to press. (Mcafee.com/activate)

The Yahoo bid Story

Back then in 2013, when Yahoo purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion, it was seen the most happening acquisition between the two brands. On this, Marissa Mayer ( CEO, Yahoo) mentioned the deal as a “Game-Changer”. But as all we know how the bidding story went the big bid shark Verizon bought the Yahoo and then bid for Tumblr afterward.

The Hardships Through which Tumblr Went

Everyone in the Blogging industry has seen Tumblr have rough years and struggling badly in recent past years. Popular social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have been to their best while Tumblr tumbles around with no glories.  According to the March Annual Reports, Tumblr has been struggling for gaining traffic and lost over 30% of its traffic since the end of 2018.

The root causes behind the sudden fall in the traffic graph were the presence of adult-rated content on Tumblr. However, the site has banned the content, last year but this thing has already started rusting the bond with its audience.

When Tumblr Graph Went Down

Tumblr was even removed from the iOS app store for keeping such content. However, Apple restored the app after the blogging website Tumblr, removed the adult-rated content from the website, but the damage that is done, cannot be undone and the impact to tarnish the image of Tumblr, can be still seen.

Tumblr users are unable to retrieve their trust-factor on the site and have lost all the hopes. Conversely, Automattic Inc. is all geared up to shake hands with Tumblr and justifies their collaboration as they are curious to associate with Tumblr and the collaboration extends to deliver WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, and more.

In a conclusive viewpoint

According to the mutual consent for the deal, Automattic has decided to consider only 200 of Tumblr staff members. Sharing the joys of collaboration, Tumblr shares a blog post, praising Automattic, which says that the brand is having the vision to build up communities together and share their innovative ideas and interests. We as collaboration are excited about our future”.

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