Tips to spot and stay safe from upcoming shopping sales scam

 For shopping in the festive season, many people from across the world wait for the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. This is because Christmas and New Year are the times of the year when we usually shop for our near and dear ones. During this time, a lot of online as well as offline shopping sales go on so that people can buy the gifts of their choice at a reasonable price. While some of us believe in offline shopping, most of us now prefer shopping things from online sales.

However, along with the convenience of online shopping comes the risk of falling prey to an online shopping scam. Festive seasons are the favorite times of the scammers when they try their best to trick people into their scams and at the same time make money out of them. Therefore, we have crafted this post for such people who prefer shopping things online.

Spotting a scam

When it comes to spotting a shopping scam, there are a few things you can check for and keep in mind:

  • Look closely for fake emails

If you have received an email telling you about an ongoing sale and ask you to click on certain to avail of great discounts, then you are suggested to verify this email and make sure that it is from a legitimate sender.

  • All that glitters is not gold

Yes, that’s true for the times when you get unbelievable discounts on items. If a website is selling products at a huge discount, then you are not suggested to believe that until you know that the offer is given to you by a legitimate and renowned website.

  • Check for the mistakes in the URL

At times, scammers create such a web portal that completely looks similar to a famous website. Also, the URL of the website is made in such a manner that it looks legitimate. However, these URLs usually have a slight typo mistake that you can easily identify.

Tips for safe online shopping

  • Install an antivirus solution

By installing an antivirus solution from, you can ensure that you are getting an alert each time you are visiting a fake or spam website. Well, this is the easiest way to spot any scam and make sure that you are not giving way to problems.

  • Look for “s” in the URL

Well, this is one of the minor yet important things that you need to keep in mind while tapping on any link or while opening a website yourself. If the URL address starts with “http” instead of “https”, then there are chances that the website is not a legitimate one. So, you need to be careful.

  • Set up 2FA on online shopping accounts

For shopping on any website, you are required to create an account first. So, while you create an account on your device, make sure that you protect with two-factor authentication so that nobody else except you have access to this.


By having a look at the ways to spot a fake shopping website and the ways to stay secure during online shopping, you will be able to make sure that you are not falling victim to any scam. We hope that you will practice these safety tips for online shopping not just this festive season but throughout the year. By practicing the tips given above, you can safeguard yourself from any kind of phishing scam as well.

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