Stay Safe, Stay Protected From Robinhood Data Breach With Mcafee

For those users, who don’t know much about the Robinhood trading platform, this platform recently came up with the data breaching issue that has exposed the key details of millions of its customers, this news freshly came through wherein the hackers demanded a bundle of payment amount from the company. According to the Robinhood company, the attack recently came to light on the 3rd of November that allowed the unauthorized entity to get the following done:

  • The email addresses of some 5 million people.
  • Full names for another group of 2 million people.

Furthermore, there are smaller groups of Robinhood customers who had yet more information compromised. There are 310 people which have names, birth dates, and zip codes that are already breached. There are another 10 customers that had more extensive account details that are revealed according to Robinhood’s disclosure.

According to the Robinhood company

It is exposed by the company that there are no social security numbers, bank account numbers, or debit card numbers, and here there has been no financial loss to the customers. Furthermore, the company contained the intrusion it clearly stated the law for the enforcement of extortion demand. The company says that it will investigate the incident with the assistance of the security of the firm. In addition to this, the company advised its customers to visit the help center in order to receive the latest messages from the company that includes a link to access the security alert. It is important to remember, that any data breach that you and your information have been involved in needs to go through certain security tips that are mentioned by the McAfee software. Here are some of the security tips:

  1. First of login into your account and update your password with the new one that is unique and strong.
  2. Review your statements for any strange activity even with the smaller transactions.
  3. Just report any suspected fraud to the company or institution involved.
  4. Remember, if you believe that you have become the mere victim of the identity theft, file a report with local law enforcement that can provide you with a case number that you need for the recovery process.

What to do after the breach with

In all, people can easily avoid them falling victim to phishing attacks by keeping certain things in mind:

  1. Remember, you need to only access your accounts directly from the official website of the company or the financial institution.
  2. If you receive an email, message, or texts alerts, just do not click any of the links that are provided in the communication.
  3. Go straight to the site by typing the proper address and viewing the account details.
  4. Use the complete online protection software such as McAfee antivirus that can be downloaded via
  5. Just get to know the signs of phishing emails, there is a common sign of a scam which can be in the face of email, ads, messages or a site that doesn’t look right.
  6. However, there are some of them that can look quick convincing, then there are still other ways to spot an attempted phishing attack.
  7. Beware of the email attachments that you are not expecting.
  8. This is always good form because the hackers love to spike the attachments with malware that is not designed to steal your personal information.
  9. That’s a quick way to find out if the attachment is authentic or not.

For more information, you can visit wherein you will get the information related to the things that need to be considered after the breach with

What are the basics to protect the identity for the long haul?

There is one unfortunate fact that the data breaches that can easily happen. There are much larger data that breaches the headlines. These are the ones that clearly hot the small businesses, restaurants along with the medical care, and those entities that provide the same. Remember, the information is all breached and traced down by the hackers, and to avoid this sort of situation there is a need to have software like McAfee antivirus that can be easily downloaded by the website.

What is the good news along with the catch in the issue?

There is a piece of good news that you have a solid option to prevent them from harming you or the least greatly lessen their potential impact. Along with the identity theft protection software that you can easily download via McAfee software, you can easily monitor the emails addresses and usernames that can be used to breach the accounts. You can easily monitor the dozens of variety of personal information and receive the alerts in order to keep the eye out for the purpose of misuse. Similarly, it can monitor your email addresses and bank accounts for the signs of misuse or fraud and theft protection and it can therefore happen to anybody. McAfee furthermore recommends investing your money in security protocols that enable the users to stay safe from breaching attacks like such.

Further assistance and the guide on the topic in discussion

Along the same lines, news of the data breach offers all of the users to pause and take stock of just how protected. There are studies that show that there is a need to have comprehensive online protection that can protect your devices, in such cases, there is a need to have software like McAfee antivirus, which can easily download via This antivirus protects you and your personal identity from malware, phishing attacks, malicious websites, and other online threats.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

By the end of this topic, we hope that this article has given some light on the topic that needs to be discussed such as Stay safe, stay protected from Robinhood Data Breach with McAfee antivirus that can be easily downloaded via If there is any issue o concern related to the topic then we recommend you to visit the official website and get assistance for the same. There are different software or security programs that are offered by the McAfee software in order to protect you and your social identity that might include the details for which the hackers do the breaching.

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