An honest review on Game of Thrones finale – The last farewell

Ever since, the screen version of the George R. R. Martin’s legendary novel “A song of ice and fire” echoed in the air, the show took no time to captivate the hearts and minds of millions of fans throughout the world. The show hypnotized me to the core in the first glance, even made me laugh, scream, cry, sob, and rolled me down from a mountain of emotions. My feelings for this show was so extreme when someone asks me what is so good about the show, it becomes the best day of my life because nothing is more soothing than narrating a good story.

My heart was pounding when I first heard the release of eighth and final season; all the memories of winter buried from last two years, flooded my mind with a thundering wave of emotions, drowning my senses with the lust of curiosity for the finale. But, how it came to an end was more painful and frustrating than the thought of Starks losing against Lannisters.(

Let’s take a quick glance at each episode one by one

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However, high expectations could lead to great disappointment and that is what happened with me when I first explored the contents of “Winterfell”, despite a soulless beginning of the season, fans took the first episode as the silence before the storm, and the expectations became deeper.

“A knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

When the second episode aired, I isolated and positioned myself in a closed room, surrendered to the darkness with nothing but a dim light of my laptop screen flashing right in my eyes in the middle of a desperate long night. It came just as disappointing as the first episode, soulless and silent, setting the stage for the Great War to come.

“The Long Night”

The third one gave us an explosion of action scenes; corpses were smashing and pilling on each other with three dragons roaring over the ground. This episode unleashed the terror of the “Winds of Winter” and gave the audience an electrifying view of the long night. The fall of major characters was heart breaking which is quite understandable by the standards of the show, but the demise of night king failed to gather proper response from the audiences.

“The Last of the Starks”

Fourth Episode was intoxicated with grief, mourning, celebrations, wine, cheers, sex, lordship and a duel of ego between the dragon queen and the lady of Starks. The first 10 minutes were dedicated to fallen heroes and the next 10 minutes gave many surprises audiences were craved for. Although, the episode deserves a free time for characters to drown into an ocean of wine and thundering laughter, and for Stark children to hug each other before they all march for the last war. The last 10 minutes of the episode has portrayed a volcanic eruption of rage within Dragon Queen when scorpion stings pierced the heart of one of her children and sank a whole fleet of ships by employing the element the surprise. But, what truly provoked “Dany” into slaughtering a whole city was the beheading of her closest advisor by the Mountain.

“The Bells”

Fifth Episode was an ocean of blood and fire, transforming an inspire of hope into a monster without a drop of mercy. The sack of kings landing was swift, but the slaughter of innocents was long and hard to endure not just for sufferers, but for the audience as well. Throughout the series, we have only seen good people doing good things and bad people doing unspeakable things. However, a few bad characters are widely famous for their good deeds. This episode changed all that when the bells of Kings Landing rang in surrender, Dany’s reaction left the audience in silence.

“The Iron Throne”

The last Episode was no different from anything we ever expected for a conclusion. The “last farewell” gave the audience a reason to stick around and find out the fate of the characters. None of us ever imagined “Bran the Builder” ruling six kingdoms under the guidance of the Imp, and the Queen in the North. The fall of Dany, the exile of Jon, the upcoming adventures of Arya, the small council, Drogon melting Iron Chair, Dany’s last fly, and the Unsullied leaving for the Isle of Naath – audience took all these events as an attempt to compensate the dull staging of Finale and the death of the show.

Final Thoughts

Game of Thrones:In my honest opinion, the show was gracefully decorated and beautifully depicted which gave an essence of the greatest piece of art in the realm of entertainment until this day, but the way it ended broke the essence of what the show is famous for. (

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