4 reasons behind Netflix’s success

Since the past few years, Netflix has grown from a DVD rental website with around 30 employees to a global streaming service with thousands of titles, millions of subscribers, that has drastically transformed the entertainment industry. While some of the people use the regional Netflix service, others turn to a VPN service to get access to more content. People can update their devices with McAfee activate security software via mcafee.com/activate if they want to use Netflix without any hindrance.

The Netflix service has gone live in nearly every country of the world which means you are witnessing the birth of a global TV network. Although other streaming services are making a massive effort to follow suit, Netflix remains the leader in most of the regions.

The top 4 reasons that lie behind the success of Netflix

  1. First come, first serve

Earlier Netflix distributed DVDs by snail mail. They approached the media group expressing the desire to buy the license for older TV-shows and movies. This gave people a chance to order some titles from Netflix that they could not find in local video stores. On the other hand, studios were able to make some extra money from these sales.

When Netflix started streaming their content in that way, they already had the publishing rights to a large number of shows and movies. While some shows are still restricted to some regions, Netflix loving Americans are more likely to be able to watch old shows through the use of VPN.

  1. High revenues at low prices

In the beginning, Netflix had a flexible return policy by allowing people to return DVD within a specific time. As families had to cut on their expenditure because of recession, they found Netflix cheaper than to go out to the movies.

Due to the high revenues at low price philosophy, Netflix turned out to be a reliable and affordable source of fun to the entire family. Over the course of years, Netflix has kept a modest price policy, attracting millions to use their services.

  1. Its smart software provides original content

Netflix produced its first ever original TV series- House of cards and its star-studded crew was the guarantee that this show would win over new audiences. In addition to this, they made another significant move by releasing the entire season at once, unlike cable TVs and Satellite channels. That way, their subscribers were able to enjoy watching the entire season.

The huge success of House of Cards led to new productions, such as Stranger Things, Narcos, The Crown, and many other titles.

Along with making its own TV-content, Netflix introduced smart software that could track subscribers’ watching habits and provide them with recommendations for further watching. As a result, Netflix subscribers don’t have to waste time searching through catalogs because they can simply watch the recommended content.

  1. The entire globe on One network

Today, Netflix is available in more than 190 countries, which makes it one of the most widespread global networks. Wherever you are, you can choose one of the current plans and watch your favorite media content.

Still, it’s important to know that Netflix has to pay licenses for every bit of content they stream. In some regions, especially the ones with streaming limitations or those scarcely populated, they provide fewer TV-shows.

Still, it’s possible to get a VPN and gain access to Netflix in other countries. This option is available in many other parts of the world, as well. Now that Netflix has started making TV-shows in Spanish, German, and other languages, their subscribers might want to access that content, as well.

Hence, people who want to use Netflix should first check out the offer for their region and then see how to access the content of their choice.

To conclude

Watching something on Netflix from the comfort of a living room after a hard day at work is a pure delight. As Netflix is growing, their services are getting even better and people get high value for money. This has been the strategy of this streaming service from the very beginning.

As such, it encloses all the reasons behind Netflix’s success. Moreover, by using a VPN, you can access all the Netflix content you wish. From this point of view, it will keep attracting new users in the future. To subscribe to Netflix services and stream hassle-free, you can download security software through mcafee.com/activate on your device.

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