Protect yourself from the Uber-like data breach

The Uber data breach which took place in 2016 is again in the headlines as the prosecutors are alleging the charges against the authorities who were behind this scam. Hence, this is a friendly reminder to the general public so that they can protect themselves from becoming a victim to such attacks.

Keeping this in mind, I have listed down some of the essential points that will help you in the future. Since we know that most of our activities are dependant on the usage of the internet nowadays. Hence, it has become more than important to be skeptical while undergoing any online activity. Having an eagle’s eye to nullify the effect of data breaches is the need of the hour.

Protect yourself from the Uber-like data breach

Here are some tips to stay ahead of data breaches

  1. Minutely observe your bank account details- any account related to your financial activities needs to be observed minutely after a time interval. Keep a regular check on your credit card, banking, and savings account statements and look for any suspicious transactions. Even if you see a suspicious transaction of a small amount, then also it could lead to a bigger problem. This means your data is vulnerable to hacking and you may become a victim to data breach in the near future.
  2. Update the privacy settings- make sure the privacy settings for apps and programs are up-to-date. Also, ensure that you have applied password for accessing programs on your device. In case you have already applied passwords, then you may need to change it regularly. Make sure not to use the same credentials for accessing the different platforms. In this scenario, using a password manager such as McAfee TrueKey can help. You may download the true key via
  3. Enable MFA- enabling two-factor or multi-factor authentication will prove to be a good option for defending against data breaches. This adds an additional layer of security to your apps such as Uber, payment apps, and so on.
  4. Freeze your card- in case you come across any suspicious activity linked to your account, then you must not wait for freezing your credit. This will ensure that no future transactions will be made on your behalf. They will no longer be able to take loans. Also, it would be impossible for them to open a new account on your behalf.
  5. Contact your bank- the first thing you should do on coming across a transaction that is not made by you is to contact your bank. Ask them to freeze any upcoming transaction for some time.
  6. Opt for identity theft protection- software such as McAfee Total Protection and McAfee Identity Theft Protection will ensure that your identity is not at stake whenever you make any online transactions. It ensures that no data breach could take place from your device. In case of any vulnerabilities, it lets you know about the same.

Its time to stay vigilant

Being vigilant and staying alert while undergoing any online activity is the key to making your digital life a safer one. If you suspect any fishy activity, make a complete inspection about it.

Technology may always not be a boon for the users until and unless they pledge to be at their own best defense. For this, they should look out for everything with a skeptical eye.

Discussing the vulnerabilities and impact of data breaches with your family is yet another good step towards safeguarding your identity. More Information :-

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