Protect your Browser that is Affected with GhostCat

It is common that you encounter Malware attacks on your computing device, there have been advancements in malware and virus attacks in today’s world, there has been a malware recently introduced that is known as Ghostcat-3 PC that has been spread very fast. It is a browser-hijacking malware that has been launched at least 18 different malvertising campaigns recently. The main aim is to breach the user’s information through his mobile’s browsing sessions and targeting Website visitors. To know more about its effects you can visit the website

How do GhostCat works?

The GhostCat infection works the moment a visitor click on the malicious advertisement on that website. the moment the infection occurs, Ghostcat hacks the user’s information from the browser for the purpose of identifying the data to be hacked and consider if the ad is running on the authentic page or not. Moreover, the Ghostcat checks if the ad is running on one or more authentic web pages. If both the conditions are taken into consideration then the malware will serve a malicious URL that is attached to the advertisement.

After this, the malicious URL delivers the disruptive JavaScript that generally creates a machine code. The scammers and the hackers behind the GhostCat use this technique to create a hoax for the publishers and ad blockers in order to prevent them from malicious content. This general code checks the additional conditions that are important for the virus attacks. And these conditions will let the hacker know about the malware running on a mobile device or not and moreover let the hacker to acknowledge the more authentic websites to be on his hit list. To know more about this, you can visit

Preventive measures to avoid Ghostcat

There are certain preventive measures that you can take in order to stay safe from the GhostCat. You just need to follow the points mentioned below:-

  • Analyze what to click: Think before you click an unknown link or suspicious pop-ups, specifically those that are unknown to anyone or never heard.
  • Be selective about visiting sites: It is recommended to use the sites that are trusted and well-known.
  • Safe Internet surfing: For this purpose, the user can use the safety tools such as McAfee WebAdvisor that will tag any website that can be malicious and have the potential to harm your device.
  • Trust McAfee antivirus protection: To surf the internet safely, it is recommended to use McAfee antivirus protection in order to protect your data and device.

Note: For more preventive measures, you can visit McAfee’s official website that goes by the URL

To Sum up:

There are some preventive measures that are mentioned in the article above and these measures can help you to avoid the malicious attacks on your device. It is also recommended to install McAfee antivirus for your computing devices in order to stay safe from the virus causing infections. To download and install McAfee antivirus products, you can visit its official website that goes by the URL

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