How to protect your IoT devices with McAfee Security Solutions?

Internet of things is those smart devices, which work efficiently with the network connectivity. IoT involves expanding internet connectivity beyond the standard devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Embedded technology these devices have a capability to communicate and interact over the internet. In addition, you can remotely monitor and control these devices.

IoT devices are meant to work in smart homes, industries or in the enterprises. Such smart devices need to be secured and for this McAfee works to establish a platform where IoT devices security has been at the top priority. Your Internet-connected devices such as your smart tv, smart locks, security cameras, gaming consoles and so on can add make your life more convenient but they could also make your smart home and connected device vulnerable to cyber attacks. That is why it has become important to build a defense plan for securing your connected devices and smart home. You need to have McAfee IoT Security, which you can activate from mcafee com activate.

You can browse and search for McAfee IoT Security application on the official McAfee website After when you download your McAfee product, you can perform the McAfee activate step by visiting the link and activating your McAfee IoT Security application.

What are some common IoT devices targeted by the Cybercriminals?

There are some IoT devices listed below, which are generally targeted by the Cybercriminals:-

Wi- Fi Routers

Routers are very prone to cyber attacks as they often come with factory-set passwords that many of you are unaware of or don’t know how to change, making these devices easy targets for hackers. That’s the saddest part since a router is a central hub in a connected home. If your router is compromised and affect all of the connected devices, then all the devices are potentially exposed to attack. In order to protect and secure your Wi-Fi Router, you must activate McAfee security application from mcafee.

Gaming Systems

Many video gaming consoles are having major security issues involved with the Universal Plug and Play Protocol, for those who don’t know, UPnP is a feature that allows the IoT devices to see each other and interact with one other. However, not much has been done to solve the problem.  Malware can directly attack your gaming consoles, not only this malware distribution, spamming, phishing, account takeovers and online frauds occurs when you play games online. To secure your gaming systems, you should have McAfee activate on your devices so that it will block the websites and the gaming sites, which have the potential to harm your gaming systems.  Activate McAfee from

Voice Tech Assistants

Voice-first devices are also vulnerable to cyber attacks due to what you enable them to be connected with for convenience. You can do online delivery, online shopping, and other transportation services that leverage your credit cards. You should always keep in mind, that voice tech devices are the most compromised as you have access to them on a regular basis and thus, these devices can be easily infiltrated by those cyber attackers or hackers. By creating malicious skills, the hackers have been able to trick the voice tech assistants. In order to protect and secure your voice assistants, make sure that your Wi-Fi password is strong and be active to look for the suspicious activity on your linked accounts. Moreover, you have McAfee activate on your devices.

What are some tips to secure IoT devices from Cyber attackers?

  • Keep your McAfee security updated
  • Attentively consider the recent news related to cyber attacks and IoT security
  • Change your device’s security settings
  • Use McAfee Security software in order to secure your Wi-Fi router and linked accounts
  • Setup a separate IoT network to build a safeguard for your device.
  • You should use a firewall tool, which will monitor the traffic between an internet connection and the device and detects the unusual suspicious behavior.
  • Upgrade your gaming security and to be secure install McAfee Gamer Security.

Concluding this, you need to be secure and build a safeguard for your IoT or smart devices as cyber crimes are increasing day by day. You need to keep in mind that IoT devices are at the topmost priority of the hackers out there. To secure your smart devices have become a necessity and you can do it by doing McAfee activate from

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