Why it is essential to protect your personal data with McAfee antivirus?

If you have heard about Netflix and watched movies and episodes on the online streaming app, then after watching episodes of “You”, you might have learned two things. First, never trust anyone who is secretive and protective about his or her statement. Second, in today’s time of social media and dating applications, it is common to share personal details online every day.

Online data breaching is one of the latest topics discussed at a huge level today. This brings to light the dangers of social media and displays how a lack of digital privacy can put you in a situation of unwanted risk. Both physical and digital stalker, even manage to steal the phones and data available in it. One way is to protect your data with a password, another being secure your data from online breaching with McAfee activate internet security. You can visit McAfee official website mcafee.com/activate to download the antivirus.

Sometimes the amount of data exposed via your interactions online could potentially occur through online dating apps.  Many couples meet on dating sites where you are invited to share personal anecdotes, question answers, and post photos of themselves, the nature of these applications is to know a stranger better, but the number of personal details you choose to share can create security risks. You have to be extra conscious as the like between creepy and cute fades off when the scammers can access your status update, tweet or a geo-tagged photo. Get McAfee Activate from www.mcafee.com activate and stay safe.

What are the tips to consider while managing your data online?

If you are a digital user, you should protect your online data with McAfee activate, and you should keep a few tips in mind, mentioned below:-

  • Always set your privacy and security settings

 Anyone who is having access to the internet will be viewing your social media activities, if it is public, so you should turn your online profiles to private in order to have control over the privacy of the post. Take a step further and go into your application settings to manage which app you want to share your location with and with whom you do not want. You can also download McAfee to secure personal details via mcafee.com/activate.

  • You must use a screen name for social media account

If you do not want a simple search for your name on Google, you should consider McAfee com activate the link, which will let you download the antivirus.

  • Watch what you post online

Before tagging your friends or location on social networking sites such as Instagram and posting your location on Facebook, think about what’s your private information reveals about you publicly and how the scammers could use it.

  • Use strong passwords

Your data is prone to the exposure, or your device is stolen, a strong password can help you to prevent your data being hacked.

  • Use the cloud carefully

If you plan to store your data in the cloud, be sure to set up an extra layer of access so that no one can access your valuable information your cloud holds.

By wrapping up you can say that, in order to protect and secure your information and details online, you must install and activate McAfee Internet Security by visiting www.mcafee.com/activate.

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