An honest review on “Plague tale: A sinister game with a bizarre walkthrough

The earlier version of this game came with a theme of Innocence, wherein you as a gamer controls the actions and movements of a young girl, who holds the hand of her scared, little brother while running down a city street full of the zombie-like people who want to kill them both.

Unlike most of the video games, in Plague Tale, you rarely have moments when you will feel powerful. The gamers will be in emotional turmoil while playing this game. Many of the gamers find this game dark and grisly in nature and challenge others to play through, but it’s one of the most connected games ever played. Apart from its advanced features and graphics, the game is protected by McAfee gaming security, from

What is Plague Tale all about?

The Plague Tale is plotted around the story of a young girl who lives on the large estate with her family in Medieval-Era in France.The relationship between the girl and the family is curious still it seems peaceful. Due to some family circumstances, she escaped along with her brother and they have to figure out how they will survive while trying to find out the way out for the same.

However, the world outside is not good for surviving as the people are plagued with illness and there are people who are turning zombies and ready to kill people who are not suffering from the same illness, the girl and her brother are not affected by the illness yet but they now have to fight for their survival.

The game is probably the best described as a powerful game by the ways you interact in the gameplay. The game is designed in such a way that you will feel connected with it. The graphics and the plotting are so accurate that it will attract you to play this dark-sided game.

The game is wrapped up in a world that is like nothing, you have played before. There is a sense of danger that never really goes away. You can never truly relax in the game. It’s a dark game, plotted in a dark world, but watching a group of kids to find a solution on how to thrive makes the game more worth it.

About the game play

While you connect with the game over the emotions showed in the game, the grisly tone in the game tells about the dark story.

You can get an overwhelming experience and the emotional connect, but the grisly tone is necessary for telling the dark story the game portrays. Moreover, the best part of “A Plague Tale” game is the way it weaves the game play and storytelling together.

The most powerful narrative moments have been plotted in the scenes of the game. The game talks about the strategy and the siblings almost never stop holding hand throughout the game.  There are few moments when you lose the track and it becomes the most stressful game.


Ultimately, it is not enough to know what A Plague Tale sets out to do. While many of the elements are still missing in the game, like its focus on stealth and designing on mapping, however, you will get to play a story mode, which makes it more interesting and connected to the game. Moreover, you will be protected while playing the game as it is secured by McAfee via

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