Optus using McAfee to safeguard its network connectivity

As we all know connecting to a public Wi-Fi network has always been a risky endeavor. This is because it might transfer harmful data to your PC or get hands-on essential information available on your device. Therefore, by keeping that in mind, Optus has come up with a security practice. They do this over its network to offer secure connectivity. Recently, it has announced that users would now be able to use its Wi-Fi Secure product. This software ensures all-round and active monitoring which is done by one of the mcafee.com/activate products.

The software will serve to be a protective layer and will be available on its home routers. This Will ensure that one can easily restrict the spread of malware, viruses, and other malicious threats across devices. They do this because the number of users who are in a habit of connecting to public networks has increased manifolds and to ensure their security, it was important to connect through a safe and secure method.

Optus statement on this 

On this, Optus itself said that this security software will be built into all the modems that are compatible with Optus. Once this software is build in the connected modems, it will help you by making sure that all the internet traffic that will pass through a particular modem would be safe and secure. This would be also applicable to those devices that do not have a display.

Those customers who are a part of its family plan can avail of all these services. They do not have to pay an additional amount. If you do not opt for the Optus family plan, then you need to pay AU$5. A user needs to do this payment on a monthly basis for the same.

The Wi-Fi Secure mechanism explained

The Secure software which is available on the router is connected to the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Cloud Network will not save any of your PII and the related data. On this Telco said that based on whatever different users are doing over the Internet and a team that is completely dedicated to safeguarding the protection of users is always on the hunt to secure your privacy.

While speaking about Australian incumbent telco Telstra, we get to know that it uses DNS filtering as well as blocking of phishing text and spam calls. This is to ensure that users’ data has to be safe.

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