McAfee’s Integration with AI for Next Gen Security

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are terms used in a modern Cybersecurity context as they are helping organizations and vendors to improve. Among many vendors who have embraced AI, McAfee activate antivirus is the one expanding different capabilities across its collection.

Beyond everything, AI has real value, and the real potential for both defenders as well as adversaries. McAfee enables us to use Artificial Intelligence to generate targeted content for a specific user. While attackers can potentially use AI to scale up new kinds of attacks, AI is already being used by McAfee to advance defensive capabilities including advanced threat detection.

AI isn’t just an abstract concept at McAfee, it’s also part of the company’s product direction involving both traditional approaches for Cybersecurity as well as integrating machine learning capabilities. There are millions and millions of people who use McAfee antivirus to safeguard their devices.

Get started with McAfee on your device via

How to download McAfee Antivirus

  1. First, you have to Visit the
  2. Sign up to your McAfee account.
  3. If you already have a McAfee account, click Sign in or register to create the account.
  4. Fill up all the required details to create your McAfee my account profile.
  5. Now, download your purchased McAfee product.
  6. Read carefully the instructions, agreement and agree to continue.
  7. Let the download complete.
  8. Now you can go for the installation process.

The process of McAfee download for Windows 10 will be the same as mentioned above.

Know how to install McAfee with activation code

(Note: If you have taken this from McAfee subscription online then the key will be sent to your registered email ID. Log in to that and find the email including the key and Copy it)

  • Open your McAfee product.
  • Go to My account
  • Now enter your McAfee Activate 25 digit code.
  • Click on Activate.

 Offline process for activation:

  1. If you have bought the product offline, then you can find the McAfee activation key from the retail card. You will get this key on the back side of the retail card.
  2. After getting the McAfee product key, go to the activation link which has been mentioned on the card.
  3. Select your country name and language.
  4. Write your registration number which is available on the card.
  5. Enter your registered email ID.
  6. Click on Submit button and then verify it.

If you want to use the same subscription to protect another PC, you can sync the same McAfee activate account on that computer. Make sure the plan allows protection of more than one device and the account is active on mcafee com activate. Now, download the McAfee product from your page. Make sure that you must have one license for each PC you want to protect with McAfee antivirus.

How to Renew McAfee?

One needs to renew the McAfee antivirus for better usage. If the customers want to renew the product because of expiry, he or she needs a renewal license. He can see the pop-up message showing that his product has expired. Once the license has been renewed, the customers get messages of confirmation of the same. For renewing the McAfee antivirus with product key, you need to take the following steps:

  1. First visit the home page
  2. Click “My account”.
  3. Click sign in.
  4. Type your registered e-mail address.
  5. Type your password and click “log in”.
  6. Take the mouse over “My account”.
  7. Select subscription.
  8. Click Renew for appropriate services.
  9. Make sure to follow the prompts carefully.
  10. If requested, type the billing details.

The McAfee antivirus could be renewed with the product key as well. If the customers are still having problems then he or she can contact the McAfee customer support service.

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