How to Install and Run McAfee Virtual Technician?

McAfee Virtual Technician is a utility that may diagnose and resolve several issues associated with BT Virus defend. For the problems found, it cannot fix as it is going to collect info from your pc – things like your package and what browser you utilize. It helps to create it easier to assist you. To use the service you need a McAfee activate which you can easily create on

It works with PCs only: Does not support Macs but McAfee virtual technician windows 10 or older versions are compatible. No matter which product you use, whether it is free or you have installed it using McAfee activate product key, it is random to encounter errors.

BT Virus defend product supported:

  • McAfee Security Centre
  • McAfee Virus Scan
  • McAfee Personal Firewall
  • McAfee web site authority
  • McAfee Parental Controls
  • McAfee Quickly cleans your device
  • McAfee device

McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) is an automatic self-healing tool wont to determine and fix common problems together with your McAfee merchandise. MVT may repair some problems, which may stop your McAfee code from putting in with success. To enjoy these services of MVT you need a McAfee activate which you can easily create on

When you run McAfee MVT tool, it performs the subsequent operations:

  • Scans your laptop
  • Diagnoses and fixes issues
  • Replaces missing or corrupt written account keys
  • Restarts any stopped McAfee services
  • Checks for known problems and missing update packages

Perform the steps during this to put in and run the McAfee Virtual Technician. You will additionally run MVT on-line as a part of the assistance method at

How can you Install and Run your McAfee Virtual Technician?

Below are the steps to install and run the MVT:

  1. To start, click and open the ‘McAfee customer Support’ home page on mcafee com activate, and scroll right down to the McAfee Virtual Technician section:

NOTE: The Virtual Technician is just accessible on Windows PCs.; you will not see this feature if you read this page on a raincoat, or associate iOS or other device.

 Click on ‘Download and Run’

  1. Save the mvt.exe file to your desktop if prompted
  2. Double-click mvt.exe, or click ‘Run’, to begin MVT
  3. Click affirmative if the Windows User Account management asks you to permit MVT to run
  4. Wait for McAfee diagnose and repair tool to put in, initialize, and update. This method may take some minutes.
  5. Do not close your device when the method is going on

MVT then scans your laptop for problems along with your McAfee product.

  1. If any problems are found:
  • Choose ‘Autofix’, and follow the prompts to let MVT fix the matter
  • If MVT cannot fix the matter, contact Technical Support
  1. If no problems are found, then close MVT

Resolving any detected issues

As mentioned within the steps on top of, once MVT detects a tangle, you have two options:

  • Autofix – to permit MVT to undertake to mend the issues
  • Get a lot of Detail – to look at data regarding the issues, then decide however you would like to resolve the difficulty

To use Autofix:

  • Select Autofix and click on Next to continue the machine-controlled MVT method.
  • Allow MVT to run the resolution problems method.

After MVT has mounted the matter, complete the non-mandatory survey and click on shut. If MVT was unable to resolve the problems found then the subsequent procedure helps to gather data and seek help from Technical Support team on

Collect data and speak to Technical Support

Sometimes MVT is unable to mend a tangle. If MVT cannot fix a difficulty along with your merchandise, we have a tendency to advocate that you just record the Session ID on the correct aspect of the Results screen. The Session ID helps Technical Support to properly diagnose the reason for the matter. You will conjointly read the matter Log and Diagnostic Details to induce further data.

For additional support choices, click ‘Next’ at all-time low of the panel beside would you wish further technical support.

After you have got collected the Session ID and viewed the logs, complete the non-mandatory survey and click on ‘shut’.

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