Latest updates and changes to the McAfee SECURE and TrustedSite dashboard

McAfee has introduced some improvements to the original TrustedSite Dashboard on 16th of April this month. The changes have rolled out to help improve how you used to manage and interact with services. Since the launch, users have noticed some exciting additions to TrustedSite, making it more user-friendly and affordable to yield improved customer relations.

So, without wasting any time, let us take a quick glance at the alterations:

Enhanced visibility for TrustedSite Dashboard

Let us begin with how the dashboard is given a makeover You now have an eagle’s eye view of all your subscribed products, enabling you to find and manage what you need faster and accurate.

More Customer Details

As part of our efforts in making it easier to keep track of your services, we have reduced complexities and made it simpler for you to monitor your Trustmark usage. Now, Trustmark verifications on a daily basis have become easier for customers over time. Having TrustedSite Trustmark visible on your site, generates trust and reliability among potential visitors, increases conversion rates, generate leads, and push a boost in sales, by reminding your target audience that they are protected under McAfee SECURE web.

Moreover, you can now identify the quality of genuine leads by following the number of Qualifying Shopper Identity Protection (SIP) purchases over time, providing you an opportunity to explore what customers think of your products by gaining insight in your customer’s behavior.

If haven’t added the service yet, the Shopper Identity Protection enables you to bestow your customers a complimentary, 90 day, $100,000 coverage every time they pay a visit to your site and make a purchase. This gives your site a reputation of a place where customer’s identity is safe, hence, encouraging them to revisit your site.

All your products under one roof

The new enhanced dashboard will be accessible at, no matter if you try to log in to your account on McAfee SECURE Homepage or the TrustedSite one via You will be routed to the same location from both login sites. While the URL has changed, there are minor changes you will experience with your service.


People are prone to making changes with new changes. So, it is expected that you might have several queries regarding what differences these new changes will bring. Here, we will try to answer some of them:

Will it implement new changes on my site?

No, there will be no changes on sites, and services will resume as before. There will be no changes on your scanning schedules or Trustmark visibility on your site.

Who is TrustedSite? Why new changes are implementing on the dashboard domain?

TrustedSite has operated the McAfee SECURE Services, along with many other products in the website security and trust building, since 2013. TrustedSite is responsible for repeatedly scanning suspicious websites for malware and dangerous links, ensuring an additional layer of digital security. Instead of continuing to maintain separate URLs, McAfee has decided to bring all your products under one roof.

Will my login details change?

No, you will be able to access your account by using the same login credentials as before.

In the End,

We hope that all the users will soon adapt to the new changes and enjoy them as part of their life.

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