How to resolve the McAfee Live Safe Update error?

Nowadays none of the work is successful in the users without accessing the internet whether it comes for shopping or paying some money to other users. And the biggest mistake that the mostly do is keeping the device unprotected without installing any antivirus to it. This is quite mandatory for every user to install any of the security solutions to the device. And one such highly and globally preferred antivirus software is McAfee that offers a wide range of advanced features to its devices including Mac, iOS, Android, and, Windows.

The company has designed special software like McAfee Live Safe and is easily available on its official website i.e. McAfee Live Safe is designed by the company in order to offer a protective layer against the online threats (like spyware, malware, virus, etc.) that might infect the device accessing the internet.

Sometimes the users of McAfee Activate product of McAfee Live Safe face some issues with updating the software onto their Mac device. Thus, in this article, the root causes, as well as methods of the McAfee LiveSafe Update error for Mac devices, have been mentioned. If you are also looking out for the same then, check out the method detailed in this article.

Steps to fix the McAfee Live Safe Update error:

The McAfee Live Safe update error mostly occurs due to problems within its service like a firewall or some errors within the settings section of the browser. Once this error occurs onto the Mac device, a pop-up box is displayed over the screen and displays an error message as shown below:

Error while Installing Updates!”

By following the steps listed below, the users could easily resolve the McAfee Live Safe Update Error on their Mac Devices. The steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, access the official website of McAfee i.e., followed by executing the McAfee Live Safe console on it.
  2. After this, select the ‘Mac Security’ option and toggle on any of the features of it like ‘Real-time Scanning’.
  3. Thus, a pop up will appear asking for permission regarding “Allow us to load our software from the Security & Privacy pane so we can set up your protection”.
  4. In this, just click the “OK” button in order to authorize the extension onto the browser.
  5. Make sure that the required changes are also made in the firewall feature of the McAfee Live Safe.
  6. To do so, just move to firewall option in the panel, followed by selecting the lock icon to initiate the changes. Now, enter the password of the Administrator when asked and then, change the type of firewall to either ‘Home’ or ‘Work’.
  7. Save the changes and try to update the McAfee Activate software.


Updating the McAfee Live Safe helps the users to attain all the newly made changes or improvise its security features by installing its updates onto the device. Thus, this article will enlighten the users’ path in resolving the commonly faced “McAfee Live Safe Update Error”, easily. The steps mentioned here are quite easy to follow but if any concern do arise while following it then, the users are suggested to access the official website of it i.e. Even the company does provide its free service for helping its users.

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