Fix problems while updating McAfee Internet Security for Mac

There are chances to come across errors when you try to update some of the programs and applications on your Mac device. The most common error that people face reads as “Error while installing update”. But for every problem, there is a specific solution which you can follow. This issue is usually caused by certain settings in your Mac device when you have not enabled it.

There could be other reasons for the occurrence of this error such as a problem with the firewall or the browser settings are done in such a way that it is not letting the update to take place. You can easily fix this error by navigating to the website or by going through the quick guide given in this article. At the website, you will find enough informational troubleshooting guides that will help you to fix various problems with your McAfee product.

Steps to resolve “Error while installing update” error

  1. Enable Mac kernel extension. You can do this from the System Preferences tab:
    1. Firstly, go the menu f your Mac device
    2. Now, click on the option that reads as “System Preferences”
    3. After this, go to the “Security & Privacy” page
    4. Click on the “Allow” option available next to the message that says “System software from developer ‘McAfee, Inc’ was blocked from loading.”
  1. Configure the firewall settings because it gets changed when you update the Mac OS. To do this,
    1. Go to the menu of McAfee and choose your product.
    2. Now, click on the “Mac Security” option followed by “Firewall”.
    3. Now, select the icon that looks similar to a lock. This will make the desired changes when you enter your password.
    4. Choose “Home” or “Work” option for the “Type” and go to the next step.
    5. In the end, click once again on the lock.
  1. Clear your cookies and cache. For doing this:
    1. Open “Safari” and go to its “Preferences” and go to the next step.
    2. Now, click on “Privacy” from the list of options and then click “Manage Website Data”.
    3. After this, tap on the “Remove All” option and then tap “Remove Now”.
    4. Finally, click on the “Done” option and restart your Mac device.

Hopefully, this has helped you to resolve the issue.

Final words-

It is recommended to reinstall McAfee Internet Security for Mac so that you can ensure safer web browsing. You can easily install internet Security for Mac from the official website of If the problem persists, then you may seek expert assistance from the team of McAfee.

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