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In today’s modern world, when the IT world is transforming the cloud and devices have become the new lead for enterprise data. You move to Microsoft Office 365 enables rapid collaboration, while Amazon Web Services (AWS) AND Microsoft Azure help you and your infrastructure to become more responsive and elastic, which as a result drives unparalleled innovation. However, data theft or cyber attacks are gaining entry to your cloud application. In order to have endpoint security services on cloud security, you can download McAfee cloud security.

McAfee cloud security solutions extend your security from your device to cloud, with which you can have features like data visibility, loss of data prevention and advanced threat protection.

With an aim to make the cloud the most secure platform for your business, McAfee cloud security provides the best security solutions possible.

You can activate McAfee cloud Security from In order to secure and protect your device from online threats and cyber attacks, you need to have McAfee activate on your device.

What is it?

McAfee Endpoint Security is the modern, integrated endpoint security platform. It replaces several legacies of the McAfee products that were deployed as point products with single-agent architecture and are integrated advanced defenses such as machine learning analysis, containment, and endpoint detection and response.

What are the various McAfee Cloud Security Products?

  1. McAfee Mvision Cloud

McAfee Mvision Cloud protects your data with a cloud-native data security solution. It protects the data in the cloud, from the cloud with the help of ‘Cloud access security broker’ technology.

  • It helps in data loss prevention and builds complete security in the cloud.
  • It prevents unauthorized sharing of your sensitive data and information.
  • It blocks sync or downloads of your corporate and valuable data to random personal devices.
  • It detects the compromised accounts, the insider threats and the malware (if any).
  • It encrypts your cloud data with encryption keys, which are only controlled by you.
  • It audits and tightens the security settings of the endpoint security services.
  • It understands the cloud services in use and their risk profile.

Note: To activate you have to first purchase McAfee Mvision Cloud from activate, then you have to activate

  1. McAfee Cloud Workload Security

McAfee Cloud Workload Security automatically discovers and defenses your elastic workloads to eliminate blind spots, it delivers advanced threat defense and simplifies the hybrid cloud management.

It defends against advanced attacks with common management across public and private cloud infrastructure.

  • It automates discovery and deployment
  • It visualizes and controls network threats
  • It defends workloads against advanced attacks
  • It simplifies cloud security management

Note: To activate you have to first purchase McAfee Cloud Workload Security from, then you have to activate

  1. McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform delivers a complete network security solution, which is ready for the unique demands of private, public and hybrid cloud security.

It monitors and detects threats in cloud network traffic by closing the security gap of workload to workload communication.

  • It finds and blocks the potential threats
  • It increases the network visibility
  • It adapts the security to your business needs
  • It scales across all clouds with one license

Note: To activate you have to first purchase McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform from, then you have to activate

Concluding this, you can consider McAfee activate is necessary to have for your devices. Moreover, to secure your stored data in cloud application you should have McAfee cloud security products downloaded on your operating device to build a safeguard around your data and device and avoiding data loss.

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