How to login to the McAfee Account?

McAfee Account is one of the main accounts that help the user to keep a record regarding various things that include records of the various McAfee total protection subscription packs that have been purchased by the user or the account holder and their respective activation keys. This  Account also maintains a clear record of the entire additional services provided to the user within the McAfee total protection product being subscribed by him, and also the credentials of the debit card or the credit card used by him to purchase the subscription.

The user may easily use the McAfee total Protection login account for both either maintaining the records or updating the details regarding the billing credentials, personal details, and many more such details. The article mentioned below contains the easy steps that will help you to access to the McAfee Account login more easily.

Steps to make access to the McAfee Account Login:

By following the steps mentioned below, the user may make easy access to their McAfee Account. They can do this through McAfee Account Login Page i.e. The steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, make access to the McAfee Account Login by making access to its official website i.e.
  2. When you see McAfee Total Protection Account page on the screen, move the mouse to the ‘Sign-in’ option. (if the users’ account already exists) else, click on the ‘Create an Account’ option.
  3. After clicking the ‘Sign-in’ option, a page will get displayed on the screen where the users need to enter all the required credentials that include email address and password in the respective fields.
  4. After entering the credentials, tap the ‘Log-In’ button.
  5. Thus, the users may easily access to their McAfee Account. Here you will see some major options on the screen that includes the following options:
    1. My Profile: Contains the personal information about the user
    2. Auto-Renewal Settings: Consists of a toggle button that either enables or disables the Auto-Renewal.
    3. Subscriptions: Consists of all the users’ purchased McAfee subscription packs along with the McAfee Activation key.
    4. Additional Rewards: Consists of the details about all the additional services that the users’ purchased pack contains.
    5. Redeem Your Retail card: Here you can redeem the subscriptions that have been purchased by them through retail stores.
    6. Update Profile: Enables the user to make an update or correction related to their personal information.
    7. Edit Billing: Enable the users to either update or make changes to the billing information.

Meta Description: Check out the easiest and the simplest way to create as well as to make access to the McAfee Account login using the McAfee Account Login Page.

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