Is Netflix at the brink of extinction?

Gone those days when Netflix was the only source of online streaming for the people. Now, the preferences for latest movies an web series have been shifted from Netflix to other sources like TV and other apps like Amazon prime, Zee entertainment, Voot, etc. With the repetition in content showed on Netflix is now being criticized by many of the viewers. So can we say it will be the end of “The Netflix Years”?

Netflix has positioned itself as a supplier of captivating web series content in the eyes of viewers. However, this image of Netflix has been already attacked by the excellent content options that are available on the other platforms such as Amazon Prime. Moreover, the media companies are also taking their hands off from giving the licensed movie and series content to Netflix and planning to launch their platform for streaming services.

Time to say “Goodbye” to Content

When Netflix announced that it was about to pull back from Warner Bros. “Friends” series in the upcoming year, the fans all across the globe becomes sad. The famous Romcom series went off the air 15 years ago, but when the series again came on Netflix, it took the hearts over and people were so into the characters of the series that they start to relate themselves with the characters.

Series like “Friends” saying goodbye from Netflix is not the only reason here. According to the viewers, it’s the choices we are making to watch our favorite content be it on any platform. There is a need to understand that, with a rise of the different streaming platform, the shift can be possible, hence no Netflix loyal customers.

The Persistent list of streaming service platforms

Numerous streaming service platforms are coming in limelight in competition with Netflix:-

  • DC Universe
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime
  • CBS All Access
  • Apple TV+
  • Hulu TV
  • YouTube TV
  • HBO Max
  • PS Vue
  • FB watch
  • Vudu

Remember this list of streaming service platforms will grow exponentially within the next 12 months and this is only a partial list. The elaborated list of other Web streaming service platform is available on

And with each of new streaming service platform, the studios that are backing them up are now pulling off their hands from Netflix’s service platform. The content present on the streaming platforms accounts for 80% of its U.S viewership and they are not trusting Netflix to showcase their series and calling the platform as “All new Holiday Originals”.

To conclude:

It can be said that as more licensed content is about to leave Netflix, the Streaming service platform will have to trust more on the hits like Stranger Things to bring back the Netflix subscribers. It is clear that Netflix is now in a struggling phase and have to gain back the trust of its subscribers with the original and fresh content so that the subscribers do not switch to other sources of entertainment. (

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