Is your iOS 12 hampering the way you work? Get help

The new iOS 12 Operating System runs on all iPhones and iPads. This newest version of iOS has come up with many features such as Group FaceTime, 70 new emojis, Dual SIM support with eSIM for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The Group FaceTime feature includes automatic detection of active speakers, integration into messages, and you also get notified when calling more than two participants.

Regardless of its astonishing features, people sometimes face issues even after upgrading to the latest version of iOS. Although Apple released a security update for iOS 12 earlier this year, people are still worried about vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to gain control over their Apple device.

Various iOS 12 issues fixed by Apple

Beautygate issue

Many users complained that while capturing images with iPhone XS Selfie Portrait mode they looked like as if they have applied makeup on their faces or they have applied a beautifying filter. Apple acknowledged this bug that was there in Smart HDR system that was causing the issue in iPhone XS. The system chose a long-exposure base frame while constructing the image resulting in softening the picture. This issue was fixed by Apple. It has built a sharper and shorter-exposure base frame for sharper and better results.

Messages thread combining issue

Some users have complained that they are having problems with their messages thread and this problem was found to be with users who share their Apple ID with their parents. Their messages were lumped together in one thread and were identified as a huge blunder by the users. Unfortunately, Apple has not still found a way out of this problem but one thing you can do is activate McAfee security suite via on your iOS device. It will help in encrypting your messages and conversations so that you don’t fall prey to cybercrooks.

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Battery charging issue

Earlier this issue was just affecting iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users, but this software issue was also creating trouble for older iPhone and iPad users. According to some people, the lightning cable is not supporting the charging process anymore. These devices also fail to charge in sleep mode. Some also complained that their battery stopped charging after a short time.

Fortunately, Unbox therapy has run tests and tried to resolve the issue for many. After the test was performed it came out that the actual problem was with the internal software and not with hardware. The reason behind the problem could also be due to the USB Restricted Mode.


Apple has tried hard to resolve these technical errors. It is recommended to have McAfee security suite on your device so that problems are solved well in advance. If you want to know the procedure of activating McAfee on your iOS device, visit the page which goes by the URL

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