How to use McAfee enterprise removal tool?

Sometimes you want to uninstall a program from your computers such as McAfee enterprise products or any other program. But due to some factors, you are unable to do so. In this situation, it becomes very hard to remove these programs. This might happen due to uninstallation problems or unsuccessful installation attempts. Thankfully, here McAfee Enterprise Removal Tool comes into action.

As the name suggests, this tool is specifically developed for uninstalling McAfee Enterprise programs from a PC running on Windows 10.  The McAfee removal tool of makes it quite easy to remove all McAfee products from your device. In the next section, you will learn the method to use the “McAfee enterprise removal tool”.

Use of McAfee enterprise removal tool

The steps given in this section will help you to know how you should use the removal tool in order to get rid of certain McAfee programs that are hard to remove. So let us learn how to use it:

  1. The first few things you need to do is visit the official website of McAfee and download McAfee enterprise removal tool.
  2. After downloading the tool, double-click on the file. This will execute the application.
  3. When a new window opens up, click on the “Next” option.
  4. Enter the captcha when prompted and click on the “next” button.
  5. Once you do this, just sit back and relax because the removal tool will do its work.
  6. It will scan your system for the presence of McAfee products and will uninstall them from your device without any hassle.
  7. You may have to wait for longer than usual but it is worth waiting for.
  8. Once, it completes the process, you have to click on the “Restart” option.
  9. This action will restart the Windows 10 to remove the files that were not uninstalled by the McAfee Removal Tool.
  10. Also, note that the tool will remove the junk files from the “C drive” of your computer.
  11. This process reduces the hassle of removing files and programs manually.
  12. When the process is complete, you might have to click the “Finish” button.


If you are confused about using the removal tool, then you may navigate to or to the official website of McAfee. After this, go to the “Blogs” section and will some relevant and helpful articles that will help you to get rid of certain issues that are troubling you for long.

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