How to enter McAfee activation code?

McAfee activation code or McAfee product key is a 25-digits code with which you can activate subscription. This code is provided to you at the time you purchase the software either from the retail store or from an online provider. This code works as the most essential part of activating your McAfee subscription on the go and without doing so you won’t be able to access your software. So without waiting anymore, let’s jump right into the process of activating your McAfee subscription using the code.

How to use McAfee activation code?

The detailed steps for doing so are listed below:

(Note: once you activate your subscription, you are all set to download and install it for the ultimate usage)

  1. Visit the link using your web browser.
  2. Else, go to and then click ‘Account’ present in the upper-right corner.
  3. After this, click on the “Redeem your Retail Card” to enter mcafee activation code
  4. In the page that appears, enter the activation code from your retail card.
  5. Next up, click on the ‘Submit’ option and provide your email address.
  6. Click ‘next’ and then select your country and language.
  7. Confirm that your country and language are correct before you proceed.
  8. Next, enter the activation code and email address and then click ‘Submit’.
  9. Again, confirm your email address or click ‘edit’ to make any corrections.
  10. In the end, select ‘Verify’ to activate your subscription.

Using the same process on your mobile phone, you can enter your McAfee mobile security activation code.

Where to enter McAfee total protection activation code?

To do so, you need to navigate to www and click ‘Account’ in the upper-right corner. After this, click ‘redeem your retail card’ and type the McAfee total protection activation code and hit the ‘Submit’ button.

How to put activation code in McAfee if it is expired?

In case your McAfee subscription has expired and you need to renew it, then go to mcafee/activate. Next, go to ‘My Account’ and click ‘Sign In’ followed by providing McAfee account credentials. Now, from the ‘My Account’ tab, select ‘Subscriptions’ and click ‘Renew’. Further, enter the activation code when prompted to activate it.

How to enter a new activation code McAfee?

To activate your newly purchase McAfee code, navigate to its home page, and select the ‘Account’ option followed by redeeming the retail card. During the process, you will be prompted to enter the new activation code and follow some prompts to complete the activation. The same steps will work if you wish to know how to activate McAfee antivirus plus with the activation code.

Why won’t my activation code for McAfee work?

There could be several reasons why your Mcafee activation code is not working. One such reason is invalid product key or you have lost the chances to enter it because of mistakes in typing it. Other than this, you might be activating it in the wrong region.

This was all about entering Mcafee activation code. Make sure you enter it carefully as the activation code is highly case-sensitive.

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