Hashtag Risks that you Need to be Aware of

In this article, we are going to discuss the consequences of using a hashtag which is denoted by the pound symbol (#).

Since the past few years, hashtags have become a crucial part of the life of social media users. Since there are so many uses of hashtagging a word, people are not lagging behind to use this power tool. Few of us only know about the usefulness of this tool, many are unaware of the consequences that come along with it. People just consider it as an add-on, but it is more than that.

Whenever someone puts the sign of hashtag in front of a word, that word becomes metadata. This word then lets the search engine to look for the content that relates to it. So whenever someone clicks on the hash-tagged word, the search engine makes sure that you are taken to the relatable pages. Recently, many people made use of hashtags such as #bekind and #icebucketchallenge. These have been used to let the people know about a specific program or campaign but one should deal with such hashtags with utmost care.

List of hidden hashtag risks and ways to deal with it

Being an adult, it becomes your responsibility to educate your family members about the risks involved with hashtags and how they can be averted if you use antivirus solutions such as McAfee Total Protection that can be activated via www.mcafee.com/activate

  1. Get to know about risky hashtags- these days the use of hashtags such as #BackToSchool, #DaddysGirl, or #BabyGirl is being commonly used by parents. But, they are unaware of the fact that these can pave the way for some pedophile. Therefore, before you upload any of the pictures of your kid with a hashtag, make sure you are not getting involved in putting the identity of your child at stake.
  2. Avoid compromising your privacy- when you upload a picture that gives personal details such as your hometown or your birthday, keep in mind that you are sharing valuable pieces of the information related to you. As these could be mishandled in the hands of cybercriminals and could lead to identity theft, you should avoid sharing such details.
  3. Hashtags pave the way for scams- the commonly used hashtags allow the scammers to execute a scam for the most searched hashtags. Recently, a scam has been registered in which scammers used common brand names such as #Gucci or #Dior to trap people into buying fake products.

Final Thoughts-

Other than the risks mentioned above, there are several other risks which you need to be aware of such as hidden meaning that hashtags may have. Or these can be also used to promote cyber-bullying. Hence, before you post a picture on the social network be alert and do not forget to activate McAfee Safe Family via mcafee.com/activate. One should always look for the pros and cons before posting anything online.

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