Google is introducing the Duplex feature for on-call salon services

Now, this is possible with Google Assistant you can now book a haircut from the preferred salon and requesting a time slot to book on your behalf. This was one of the features that were launched back before two years when Google launched Duplex. With Duplex you will get an advantage that you are having a human-sounding system call stores for making the requests. It is the first-ever consumer feature that enables the users to make reservations at the restaurants. This software was launched back in the 2018 year. Google Duplex has done wonders but since its launch, we did not know much about it, hereafter its launch this year Google is working on its establishment and to make the changes accordingly.

Google has confirmed that the haircut booking feature known as Duplex is launching and this is not available for everyone. When you are booking a haircut, Google will ask you what will be the date and time that you like to schedule an appointment. You can tell the services the time range and the adjustments can be made later on once the appointment is fixed. So, if you wanted to do anything other than you do not need to go to the salon to book an appointment all you need to do is to tell. Google Assistant to book an appointment and all the rest will be taken care of later.

What’s more to know about Google Duplex?

The Duplex feature by Google supports three basic services that are categorized such as men’s haircuts, Women’s haircuts. So, if you want to do anything other than this then go to the salon of your preference or to a salon that uses. The different naming conventions such as specified with gender specifications. Having unaccountably high rates to offer you for a haircut then you can go. But with this Duplex feature, you will get the list of best in quality services.

With Google’s voice technique, you get impressive results on what you ask. It furthermore inserts the filler words like “um” and “mm-hmm” to make the conversation feel natural to the person on the other end. These have recently generated some controversy when some of the controversies when the service was firstly announced. It is in part because Google was not being clear with the callers that a robot was on-call. Google later said that it would be very much transparent and it builds a disclosure and transparency in the calls.

Wrapping up:

With the launch of Google Duplex, the work is made manageable and now you need not visit the salon. Let Google assistant work for you to book an appointment. All you need to have is to get access to the Google Duplex feature. The rest all will be catered by the software. So to timely manage your work you can get access to Google Duplex. For more information, you can visit the official website that goes by the url

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