FireEye and McAfee are all set to merge together

An investment firm in the USA, STG has recently spilled the beans about the integration that is soon going to take place between two major firms. The two major firms are none other than McAfee and FireEye. Meanwhile, some experts believe that this merger will be pretty challenging as they belong to completely different categories. After being merged together, they will bring about a robust security product.

Being an investment firm, Symphony Technology Group wanted to do something out of the box and hence they thought of bringing two product lines together. The merger of McAfee Enterprise of as well as the FireEye would be merging their technologies to provide you with something that is unexpected.

However, the news did not make a lot of headlines because another piece of news started to make rounds on the internet. But this news was also related to the same merger. Brian Plama of FireEye was announced to be the new CEO of the merged group and under his leadership, the whole firm will work. In addition to that, a CFO was also appointed for the same firm and this CFO is Ian Halifax.

The aim behind the project

The primary purpose of this merger is to derive such products and services that would form a single product to give you better services. The product that will be derived from this merger would help secure endpoints, applications that we use on a daily basis, the cloud, as well as infrastructure. However, many predicted this merger quite a long ago at the time when Symphony Technology Group made an announcement about purchasing FireEye’s business.

Before the deal was cracked, STG took the Enterprise branch of McAfee into its acquisition two months ago. Now, some are expecting that STG will soon take a few more steps to spin off this amalgamation as a new entity. They shall do this via an IPO.

Apart from this, some other experts note that this amalgamation could be done for end-to-end cloud encryption as well as protecting our daily digital lives.

What does Enterprise Strategy Group analyst have to say about this?

Taking a stand on this, one of the Enterprise Strategy Group’s senior analysts, Doug Chill has given his statement on this. According to him, both, as well as FireEye, are two very established and recognized brands. These brands now need to focus on deriving their customers’ interest in their new product portfolio. Also, they should communicate their strategy and other aims to the market so that consumers can have a look at the future of this merger and why they should show their interest in it.

Adding to that, he also said that it is a clear platform to experiment with something that has never happened before. On the other hand, another analyst told that they will definitely face challenges while finding out a single way to bring about their product in a combined form.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line we can frame from this piece of news is that it would be astonishing to see what the future holds for these brands. All these brands can do is hope for the best and make sure that their merger brings about something fruitful. To get more information on this, you can visit and check out the recent blogs shared on their page.

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