Easy Yet Effective Ways to Fight Back Against Cyber Crime

Nobody in this world knows more about you than the Internet because every now and then we are sharing something or the other over the social media apps and other such platforms. The data which is available online contains our personal information such as name, age, address, phone numbers, and job title, etc. But there’s a fear in everybody about compromising their online privacy because of the ever-growing cyber criminal activities.

10 Best Practices to Regain your Online Privacy

  1. Stop oversharing- in a fit of excitement, people usually share those details which if misused can lead to identity theft and such activity. Hence, it is recommended not to share your personal details over the social media apps until and unless it is necessary.
  2. Have control over your digital footprint- you can do this by customizing privacy settings for your Facebook or Instagram profiles.
  3. Go incognito- either you are trying to access sensitive information or not, it is recommended to go incognito. This will ensure that your online activities are not been watched by anyone.
  4. Use apps with high-end security- use messaging apps which takes the responsibility for our online-privacy such as WhatsApp. It safeguards our communication by the means of end-to-end encryption method.
  5. Deploy ad blocker software- sometimes, third party ads keep annoying a user and if we mistakenly click on it, we might be giving way to hackers for hacking our systems. To get rid of this, one should equip his device with an ad locker as soon as possible.
  6. Check if you are on data broker websites- do check this and if you are there, then remove your profile from websites such as PeopleFinder, Spokeo, or White Pages, etc.
  7. Take action against scams- it is always suggested to not open the emails from strangers. Also, one should not click on the unknown links or accept friend requests from strangers.
  8. Use strong-passwords or password manager apps- you can easily deploy password manager software from com/activate to make strong passwords that cannot be accessed by anybody.
  9. Switch off your devices and Bluetooth- when you are no longer using your smart devices, do not forget to turn off them because an open device is more susceptible to hacking.
  10. Avoid using public networks- An open Wi-Fi connection can increase the risk of cyber crime manifolds. To protect yourself from this, activate McAfee Safe Family which has VPN features.

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To conclude-

There are many other ways through which you can strengthen your online privacy. You can get to know about them by visiting the official website of McAfee i.e. mcafee.com/activate. Until and unless we stand for ourselves, nobody else is going to do it for us. Hence, taking even a small step to safeguard your privacy and fight back against cyber crime may prove to be very effective. So, before you step out in the digital world, keep in mind the necessary precautions so that you always stay protected.

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