What is the difference between McAfee Live Safe and McAfee Total Protection?

With the growing usage of the internet, the world has already changed a lot but it has increased the concern of security to the users’ data and identity. With every new day, new technology is launched and thus, this newly designed technology creates a loophole in the security of the device. In order to remove these loopholes, there are several companies that have been designing its security solutions having various advanced features.

One such highly used brand is McAfee, and all of its McAfee Activate products are available in paid as well as free versions on its official website i.e. McAfee.com/Activate. The top two McAfee Activate products that are highly used by the users are McAfee Live Safe and McAfee Total Protection. Now, the concern arises in the minds of the users is ‘which one is better either McAfee Live Safe or McAfee Total Protection’. To get any of these McAfee Activate products, the users may access the official website followed by performing a set of three procedures including download, install and activate.

Thus, in order to help them out in recognizing the better McAfee Activate product, the difference between them has been mentioned in the article given below.

Difference between McAfee Live Safe and McAfee Total Protection:

  1. Both these McAfee activate products offer an all-round protective layer to the users’ device but McAfee Live Safe is just beyond the digital security as it protects the users’ digital identity from being theft with its feature of Identity Protection.
  2. The cloud storage offered by McAfee Total protection is only within its premium package while the Live Safe consists of 1GB of cloud storage for storing the precious data or documents to it.

This cloud storage offered by McAfee Activate is operated through the users’ voice node and face authentication. Thus, the documents will be accessible by the users in particular.

  1. Since both the security solutions are comparatively the same in terms of the features offered by them, but their selling point is different. For McAfee Live Safe the selling point is its cloud storage offered while foe total protection is its scanner and web protection.


We have tried our level best to compare these McAfee Activate Products but no noticeable comparison has been identified by us. The only difference is of inclusion of cloud storage of 1GB within McAfee Live Safe. But, this does not mean that McAfee total protection is lacking in protecting the users’ documents. McAfee Total Protection also protects data by using its encryption technology with 128-bit and store them to the password vault.

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