Mcafee Expert’ Tips on Sidestepping the Recent Data Breaches

McAfee experts’ tips on sidestepping the recent data breaches 

This is literally a sad fact of life that the data we share online or offline is vulnerable to getting breached and it may lead to losses that you have never thought of. As you read the news headlines of a data breach, you keep your fingers crossed and hope that it is not you who is affected. However, the thing that matters the most is what you should do if it was you who was affected. If you ever become the victim of a data breach, your information will be eventually used at the places where you never want them to be used.

Hence, keeping that in mind, the experts at have suggested users learn a few tips beforehand so that dealing with a data breach becomes easier for them. From knowing the immediate steps to learning more about the aftereffects of a data breach, this detailed post is definitely going to help you.

How our information is involved?

The first question that comes to a user’s mind is that how his information is collected and then he might think how it could affect his digital, personal, or financial life. We all know that we share our contact and personal details every other day on a new online platform. Not just online, we also share our details at places where we pay our bills. Especially, when we use our credit or debit cards for checkout, our card details may also get breached. This helps the hackers track users’ purchase history and eventually they use it to know more about our whereabouts.

What data is stolen?

Whenever a data breach takes place, some common information of the users is subject to get stolen. And, when this breach takes place in the healthcare department, a lot of crucial information is vulnerable to get theft. You might have come across different incidents and read news headlines where a lot of people became the victim of a data breach and they had to compromise with a lot of money. So, here is the list of information that could get stolen as a part of a breach:

  • Your online account username and password including your email address
  • The phone number that you use on a day-to-day basis
  • Contact details of your near and dear ones
  • Details associated with your Social Security Number

Incidents that took place in the past

There are several instances in the past that give us a clear understanding of what had happened:

  • In 2019, Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms, saw a data breach in which the details of more than 53 million Facebook users were exposed.
  • Another incident took place in the year 2018 when the data of Marriott International (Starwood) was exposed including the details of their passport, SSN, etc.

Ways to stay secure

  • Make sure that you regularly check your bank account transaction details and look for any suspicious transaction that you think has not been made by you
  • In case you find yourself to be a victim of one of these scams, you should immediately report it to the authorities
  • If you find yourself to be a victim of any fraud, do not make any delay in blocking or freezing your credit/ debit card as suggested by experts at

The bottom line-

The thing that we learn from this piece of writing is that whether you play safely on the internet or not, you could still become a victim of the data breach. What matters the most is how attentive you are and what steps you should take if any such incidents take place with you.


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