How Cybersecurity software work against Cyberattacks?

McAfee is one of the world’s leading autonomous cybersecurity companies. Inspired by the power of working together, McAfee creates business and consumer solutions available at, that makes the world a safer place.

McAfee activate and McAfee MPOWER 2019 relentlessly protects all that matters through leading-edge cybersecurity, from your workplace to your home and everywhere in between.

Innovation is important in order to protect the things that truly matter to your business. With McAfee, you’ll discover an energized environment where collaborative teams are redefining cybersecurity solutions and the work you do every day will help keep people safe around the world.

The security industry has evolved by responding to emerging threats with new, shiny tools, resulting in many distinct tools. The majority of organizations are looking to merge security vendors. This trend for fewer tools is also showing improved results.

What is a Cybersecurity Platform?

ESG Research dug deeper into this platform demand by surveying organizations to learn their desire for a cybersecurity platform and what the top features for this platform are. The features help provide a definition of a cybersecurity platform and fall into three driver buckets: Must Be Comprehensive, Make It Simple, and Embrace the Cloud.

A security platform must greatly improve threat prevention when compared to today’s collection of point tools. Each individual tool should offer best-of-breed security usefulness, while the platform should provide improved threat protection as more tools are joined together.

Beyond threat prevention, each tool should also act as a sensor for collecting security measures. Platforms should be back-ended by some type of security analytics services that processes, analyzes, and acts upon this growing volume of security data.

Security platforms must also offer well-defined and flexible options for responding to and mitigating threats, including manual and automated options.

How Does McAfee build up?

At the heart of the McAfee cybersecurity platform is industry-acclaimed McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator. There’s also the mature and proven messaging fabric, Data Exchange Layer (DXL), which connects and optimizes across security functions and provides real-time threat intelligence to the entire security ecosystem which can be downloaded via McAfee com activate.

McAfee’s customers agree with the fact. They are detecting threats and correlating data with McAfee ePO, DXL, McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange, and McAfee Active Response.

Most organizations believe that taking a platform approach for their cybersecurity will yield higher effectiveness and stronger operational efficiencies. These metrics can translate into better business outcomes like saving millions when an organization can respond efficiently to contain a cyber-attack within 30 days of a data breach.

McAfee has held the position for years that security that works together is better. McAfee security center free download is available for McAfee customers. To avail this free service you just need to log in to your McAfee account by clicking at McAfee my account tab at your McAfee subscription page.

Leading security platform vendors will supplement their technology with a variety of managed services. Once again, customers should be able to choose which parts of the platforms they “own,” which they outsource, and where they need staff and skills extension.

You can also get help at Security Center in case you need assistance with McAfee cyber security.

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