Make your kids learn the essential online terms

Our Kids understand this cyber world as their fantasy world, they can post messages, photos and other stuff which makes them look cool but they forget the intensity by which the hackers are trying to hack their details on misuse the same for their evil purposes to access their accounts.

You can take corrective measures and make your kids learn about the essential online terms that can make them aware about the circumstances and the situations beforehand, where they can become the victim of cyber threats and cyber-attacks.

In this article, we will have a discussion about five key terms that are known for dominating the online conversation. These terms are important to be acknowledged by children today. And it has become an important topic of discussion for the students and the parents. It is also important to install trusted antivirus software such as McAfee Internet security that goes by the URL

Elaborating 5 digital terms that should be acknowledged by your kids

  1. Internet Privacy: – For those who do not know what Internet Privacy really can do needs to understand it well. Internet privacy is the personal privacy that is accessible to every other person when they provide, display or store their information on the internet portals. To maintain the Internet Privacy, you need to customize the privacy settings on all your apps and turn off the cookies visible in the search engines, you also need to review the privacy policies of the apps and need to create the point passwords that are difficult to crack.
  2. Digital Wellbeing: – digital wellness is an ongoing awareness of how social media and technologies are having an impact on our emotional and physical health. Give your kids a challenge to present quality before quantity before they post a comment or any other thing. You also need to consider the security software that blacks the inappropriate apps, filters and disturbing contents.
  3. Media Literacy: – It is a known ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in different forms. With this, you will get the ability to think minutely about the messages that you encounter on a daily basis. You need to use online resources such as Cyberwise to explore concepts such as cyberethics, fake news etc. It is also recommended to get the latest version of McAfee antivirus installed on your devices. You can install McAfee Internet security via www mcafee com activate.
  4. Empathy: – It is a better way to be the person and understand what and how actually the person is going through. It is needful to practice for focusing outward when you are online.
  5. Cyber bullying: – It is a term to define the use of technology to harm, threaten, embarrass, harass or shame the targeted person over web portals. To protect your kids, you need to be aware of the changes occurring in your child’s behavior and encourage then to report the cyberbullying crime. Stay aware of the unknown friends and use McAfee Internet security that you can download via

Wrapping it up:-

Hopefully, the five digital terms will help you and your kids to stay encouraged so that you can fight against the cybercrime happening around. It is also recommended to install a trusted antivirus such as McAfee that can be easily downloaded and installed from McAfee’s official website that goes by the URL

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