Do These If Your Child Spends More Time on Smartphone

This time is the most wonderful time of the year for the teachers and lifeguards. For everyone else (parents) you have a little prep work to do to make sure the summer doesn’t lull our kids into digital comas.

Most of you have learned that given zero limits, kids will play video games, watch YouTube, send snaps, and scroll Instagram into the midnight hours. This ever-present digital attraction, combined with the ‘summer slide’ that is the academic ground kids lose over the summer, means that most parents are hoping to make the most of the summer months need to get proactive now.

McAfee helps you to keep your device secured as in summers kid’s use to spend a lot of time on mobiles, tablets, and laptops, the device should be secured as to keep your kid’s device safe and secured. Create an account to enjoy the services.

What are the warning signs of too much tech?

Your child’s age doesn’t matter, teaching kids to use technology in a healthy way and pick up skills and habits that will make them good digital citizens, becomes even more critical in the summer months. Studies show that excess screen time can lead to increased cyberbullying, low self-esteem, depression, isolation, and anxiety in children and teens. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) has now classified a new form of addiction called ‘gaming disorder.’ That designation means that health professionals can now treat dangerous levels of video gaming as a legitimate addiction. If you need any help related to the security of your child device, then visit on and take help from the customer supporters. Warning signs of too much tech:

  • If you keep gazing your device screen for too long, you won’t be able to work in the right frame of mind
  • Lack of sleep can cause anger outbursts, moodiness, fatigue, and even illness
  • Isolation and decrease in face-to-face time with friends and family
  • Complaining about family outings and declining invitations to participate in physical activities
  • Losing interest in physical activity

Tech balance in one family will look different from another because every family has its own values, dynamic, and parenting styles. You may have to establish ground rules together and make edits over time and stay flexible. The important thing is to set limits and them together, so your child feels as if he or she is part of the process and learns how and why to self-regulate over time.

What are the tips for launching your family conversation?

Here are some tips for launching your family conversation and getting summer off to a positive and healthy start.

  1. Pay attention to the content- Setting screen limits don’t matter much if the content your child views isn’t healthy. A few questions to help assess content:
  • Is the content age-appropriate?
  • Are the apps my child uses interactive and learning-based or mind-numbing or even risky?
  • Do my family’s technology habits require filtering software to help block inappropriate websites?
  • Are the privacy settings on social media and gaming accounts set to restrict what strangers can see and who can send a direct message to my child?
  1. Jump into the fun. Part of teaching kids to understand healthy technology habits is taking the time to meet them where they are in their digital world — their favorite hangouts. When they understand you aren’t limiting screen time to punish them and that technology in itself isn’t bad, they will be more likely to see the benefits of balance and self-regulate in the future. What online games do they play? Consider watching them excel in their craft and cheering them on. Better yet, grab a controller and play along. What social media sites does your child love? Join in on Snapchat and let them teach you how to have fun with photo filters on the app. summer screen time

In your quest to establish summer ground rules that work for your family, don’t overlook the importance of the peer-to-peer connection that technology brings. Technology is the primary channel (like it or not) kids have to build their friendships, stay the loop, and to be affirmed. They need hangout time, and that’s usually online. Keep this in mind as you work together to find the balance that works best for your family. To keep your kid device secured from suspicious activities then create an account on to safeguard your devices this summer.

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