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Celebrate NCSAM with these Device & App Safety Tips

October is National Cyber-Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and the perfect time to discuss safety tips with your family members. World-wide we can hear every now and then about the frauds and cybercrimes that are taking place at a fast pace. No matter you always keep your eyes on or use antivirus solutions such as mcafee.com/activate products, cyber-criminals find a way to harm you and ultimately you have to compromise your security.

Since our devices have innumerable programs and apps, scammers leave no stone unturned to drag us in their traps. But, these threats can be avoided by doing some practices that include many things that are discussed in detail in this article. If you read further, you may find that you were being ignorant till now and giving way to cyber-crime. But it is never too late to begin something good. So here’s what you can do to enhance the safety of your device and the apps present in it.

How you can enhance your digital security?

Below are mentioned some of the points that need to be discussed with your friends and family if you are a well-wisher.

Device safety tips-

  • Always keep your high-tech devices up-to-date and use the latest version of their Operating systems as it can play a major role in your digital life. It helps in keeping the malware and hackers away.
  • Keeping the pictures and data secure from the prying eyes one should not enable the geo-tagging feature as it gives your crucial information to the people.
  • Whenever you are using an app or function that doesn’t require your location information, at that point it is better to turn off the GPS.
  • Children’s privacy is the priority of everybody and hence it is important to keep a check on their cellphones and review their call logs.
  • Nowadays there is no device that doesn’t have security features such as fingerprint lock, passwords or PIN. Make utmost use of this feature and do not share it with anybody because no one could be trusted with your security.

App safety tips-

  • Apps are the ways through which one can put the malware on someone’s device. Not only this, you can be spied or your data could be illegally hacked because it has location tracking permissions. Hence, before downloading any app on your device, go thoroughly through its reviews and then go ahead. Do not ignore the negative reviews.
  • You can maximize the privacy settings of your device by sharing the least possible data on apps and also by making the private profiles for apps.
  • Keep an eye on the apps that your child is using by using it yourself and discuss with him about the risks involved.
  • Make your child learn the risks involved with real-time in-game messaging.
  • One should not download unknown or unpopular apps even if man people are doing so. Always download the app when you get fully satisfied with its privacy and security features.
  • Limit your friend circle on social media apps by accepting the friend request from only the known ones.

To sum up-

Keep on talking terms with your family members about cyber-crimes and cyber-safety. Other than the mentioned above, there are certain things which can be taken into consideration. Using strong passwords for your devices and apps could be the primary safety tip for everybody. Use comprehensive security products available at mcafee.com/activate.

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