How to Activate the McAfee Subscription using McAfee Retail Card?

Now-a-days, every user including below 16 as well as above 60 are highly indulged in online activities i.e. they all are habitual of using the internet. Although the rapid increase in internet usage or online activities has made changed the users’ life, it has increased the risk to them of virus attacks or hackers. Thus, many companies have developed several antivirus software having advanced techniques to offer a layer of protection against such online threats. One such highly used antivirus software is McAfee Subscription antivirus.

McAfee Subscription using McAfee Retail Card

Some of the commonly installed McAfee subscriptions are as follows:

  1. Antivirus Plus by McAfee
  2. McAfee Mobile Security
  3. Total Web Security
  4.  Security Management
  5. McAfee Server Security

All these McAfee Antivirus products can be purchased either using the online method (i.e. via official website or offline method (i.e. via nearby retail store).To download or install the McAfee Security for mobile is not enough, the users also need to activate the software using McAfee Security Activation Code. Activation plays a significant role as it enables. the users to shield their device from online threats using the services included within the McAfee subscription. But, sometimes the users face issues while activating  Mobile Security using the McAfee Retail Card. If the users are having the concern of activating McAfee antivirus for mobile security through retail cards, they have arrived at the correct place. If any of the steps detailed in the article are doubtful then, it is highly recommended for its users to visit, to get a better solution from its experts.

McAfee Subscription using McAfee Mobile Security Activation Code:

(Note: Before following these steps, the users need to redeem the McAfee retail card. To get the steps for the redemption of McAfee retail card access

Steps to activate McAfee using activation code

Follow the steps described below to activate the McAfee Security using the retail card. The steps are as follows:

  1. Launch the web browser on the device, followed by accessing the official website of McAfee i.e.
  2. Else, the users may also visit the link described on the McAfee retail card.
  3. Here, the users need to select their country names along with their language.
  4. Make sure the country and language is as per preference and you enter it accurately as sometimes the activation page.
  5. Now, enter the 16-digit McAfee activation code given at the back of the retail card along with the users’ email address in the respective field.
  6. After this, click the “Submit” button.
  7. Now, a confirmation box will appear on the screen asking the users for confirming the email address. Here, either click the “Confirm” button or press the “Edit” button to change the email address.
  8. At last, tap the “Verify” button.
  9. thus, the McAfee Security subscription gets active.
  10. If any of the aforementioned steps are creating an issue then, the users are requested to access, the official website of McAfee to get assistance from its experts.


I hope, this article will help the users having the concern of activating the McAfee Subscription. Using McAfee Activation Code given on the Retail Card. Although the steps detailed in this article are quite easy. Its also described in a detailed manner for activating the McAfee subscription. And if still, the users found any issue while activating McAfee Mobile security then, they are suggested to visit the official website of McAfee i.e. Here, the McAfee technicians will provide some better solution to resolve this concern of users.

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