A Few Months After Mcafee’s Death, the Firm Is All Set to Be Sold 

In a recent announcement made on Monday, one of the biggest cybersecurity firms has announced that it would be selling its firm to a group of private investors. This firm is all set to be sold at a price of $14 billion. It wasn’t a long ago that the firm became public and now it is being sold privately. Soon after the death of the firm’s owner, John McAfee, the company will now be sold to private groups.

Talking about McAfee, we can say that it is one of the most renowned firms that have been ruling the cyber security industry by providing several security solutions to the public across the globe. Since the time it was invented, this firm has seen a lot of ups and downs. But, it never failed to meet users’ expectations.

Who took up McAfee?

Now, all of you must be wondering that who or which firm took up McAfee. Well, the firm is taken up by a group of investors. This group is led by buyout firms Advent International Corp., Permira Advisers. Not just this group, but several others have also joined hands together to take up this firm famous by the name McAfee.com/activate. The agreement for this possession has been made privately in a deal. This deal not only includes the present share of McAfee but also the debt that the company had.

Specifications of the deal

Being specific about this deal, we can say that $26 will be paid by the private equity consortium for a share. This was made clear in a statement made on Monday. In addition to the aforementioned shareholders, there are some other groups that would take up some shares of this firm. This is inclusive of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Crosspoint Capital Partners, GIC Pvt Ltd., and Abu Dhabi Investment Authority subsidiary. And all these transactions would be made in cash.

On this, the President and Chief Executive Officer McAfee, Peter Leav thanked all the McAfee.com/activate employees for their constant hard work and support. He said that he is very happy to be a partner with the firms that understands how important it is to be cyber safe. Since these firms show a proven success record, therefore, it can be easily guessed that the partnership would definitely prove to be beneficial.

Final Takeaway:

The final takeaway from this piece of news can be that no matter how many ups and downs this firm has seen, it would always come out stronger and would continue to be the biggest cybersecurity giant. Although the firm has been sold this won’t affect the security of people in any way. To have more information on the same, you can check out the official website of McAfee and stay updated with the latest news. We hope that you will continue using this security solution to protect your devices from any kind of cyber threat, viruses, Trojans, and malware.

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