How to stop McAfee from blocking the Google Chrome?

McAfee is one of the globally utilized antivirus software having several advanced features as in-built for protecting the device from being attacked by all sorts of online threats. One such in-built features Firewall that creates a shield by blocking the entire open-source that might may it possible for the virus or any other undesirable sources to attack the device. This is the most effective feature among the entire features included within it like URL blocking, performance optimization with real-time scanning, anti-spam, scheduled scanning, and many more. For getting any of the McAfee Activate products to the device, the users need to access its official website i.e. McAfee .com/Activate.

Sometimes the users face a concern as they are not able to access their internet browser or Google Chrome for using the internet on their device. This is because their browser has been blocked by the firewall feature of McAfee Activate. Thus, if you are also facing the same concern while using your McAfee activate then, you have visited the appropriate place. In the below article, the users will get the solution regarding ‘how to stop McAfee from blocking the Google Chrome’.

Steps to stop McAfee Activate from blocking the Google Chrome:

Before you jump to the solution, you should know the indicators of this issue or concern. Once the firewall does blocks the Google Chrome then, a message as shown below will be displayed over the screen:

“Hmm, we can’t reach this page”

The following are the main causes of this undesirable blocking by the McAfee Activate product.  The causes are as follows:

  1. Some other security solution has been installed to the device
  2. The older version of the McAfee Activate product has been upgraded incompletely

Now, follow the stepwise procedure mentioned below to stop McAfee Activate Product from blocking the Google Chrome:

  1. Disable the Net Guard:
    1. Firstly, launch the McAfee Activate on the device, followed by clicking the PC Security displayed at the rightmost corner of the panel.
    2. Here, click the ‘Firewall’ option.
    3. In the Firewall panel, select the toggle button displayed in front of the “Net Guard” option to make it as disabled.
    4. At last, select the ‘Back’ to save the entire changes made.
    5. Now, try to access the Google Chrome and surf the internet and if still the same message is displayed over the screen then, follow the steps of method B.
  2. Disable the Firewall feature of McAfee Activate:
  3. Execute the McAfee activate product onto the device.
  4. Here, move to the PC settings option from the upper right corner, followed by jumping to the ‘Firewall’ section.
  5. Make if off in order to disable this feature.
  6. At last, click the save button and try to access the internet.

Hence the concern of the McAfee Activate users will be resolved regarding ‘how to stop McAfee from blocking the Google Chrome’. If facing any issue while performing these onto the device then, try to access the support section of its official website i.e.


I hope, this article is somehow sufficient in resolving the McAfee Activate users. Steps are very easy to follow but if the users are not able to resolve their issue using these methods. McAfee provides A team of experts by visiting the support section on the official website i.e.

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