Safeguard your cloud data and applications with McAfee cloud security

To comprehend a technology’s true power, it’s best to start with the basics. As we know that, our data resides in the Cloud and almost a third of it requires Anti-virus protection to mitigate risks. Keep in mind; you might not do well by migrating to the cloud without having proper knowledge of cloud data risks, or solutions to prevent them.

But, before we delve into the McAfee device-to-cloud security to ensure cloud data and apps security, it would be a great help if you know the basics of Cloud computing, and reasons to protect it from current and emerging online threats.


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is what every organization is heading toward to quickly scale up productivity without deploying additional hardware. It’s an emerging technology model whose primary goal is to deliver hosted IT resources and services over a network connection. But, admins often customize the configuration for a specific application such as virtual machine support and storage or data backup.

While almost all cloud offerings provide self-service capabilities for end users, scalability to meet dynamic computing needs, flexibility to keep workloads running, and pay-per-use pricing, there are plenty of deployment models and services any enterprise can choose from.

Not all cloud architectures are created equal. So, there are a number of cloud computing services that admins can choose from based on price, bandwidth needs and management capabilities. Data Security plays an influential role in cloud selection, because the different variants have varying levels of user access and security protocols.

How to protect cloud data with McAfee activate?

As more and more people are rapidly adopting modern IT infrastructure with Cloud and devices, security becomes a thing of paramount importance for providers as well as consumers. has emerged as a platform that helps you to download and activate your McAfee cloud security product with a product key. Cloud computing, which is widely used as a medium to deliver hosted IT services over the Internet, fueled a rapid expansion of technologies in both public and private domains, and served as a bridge, connecting users to data.

Here are 3 McAfee activate cloud security products that will help you keep your cloud data and applications secure from any existing or future threats, preventing unauthorized access along with best practices to manage your security resources.

  • McAfee MVISION Cloud
  • McAfee Cloud Workload Security
  • McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform

In the End,

McAfee cloud security incorporates features and tools that are designed to protect cloud computing environment form cybersecurity threats both external and internal. You can download any of the products from mcafee com activate by just signing in your McAfee account.

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